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Uses of Interface

Uses of PageEditor in sos.wizard

Classes in sos.wizard that implement PageEditor
 class AbstractPageEditor
          A partial implementation of the PageEditor interface.
 class OptionPageEditor
          An editor of an OptionPage.
 class ProgressPageEditor
          An editor of a ProgressPage.

Methods in sos.wizard that return PageEditor
 PageEditor JWizard.getDefaultPageEditor(java.lang.Class pageClass)
          Returns the default page editor for the specified class.
 PageEditor JWizard.getPageEditor()
          Returns the page editor editing the current page.
protected  PageEditor JWizard.getPageEditor(Page page)
          Returns an editor that should edit the specified page.

Methods in sos.wizard with parameters of type PageEditor
 void JWizard.setDefaultPageEditor(java.lang.Class pageClass, PageEditor editor)
          Sets a default page editor to be used for pages of the specified class.
 void JWizard.setPageEditor(PageEditor pageEditor)
          Sets the current page editor.

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