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Uses of Interface

Uses of Model in sos.wizard

Subinterfaces of Model in sos.wizard
 interface Page
          A page in the wizard progression.
 interface Task
          A Runnable object that can consist of any number of sub-tasks, can notify listeners of its progress, and can be paused, resumed, and interrupted.
 interface WizardModel
          The model that controls the pages and steps in a wizard.

Classes in sos.wizard that implement Model
 class AbstractModel
          An abstract implementation of Model that handles the registration and notification of property change listeners.
 class AbstractPage
          A partial implementation of the Page interface.
 class AbstractTask
          A partial implementation of the Task interface.
 class AbstractWizardModel
          A partial implementation of the WizardModel interface.
 class DefaultWizardModel
          A general-purpose wizard model that can handle both static (unconditional) and dynamic (conditional) pages.
 class OptionPage
          A generic page that contains a message.
 class ProgressPage
          A page that shows the progress of an underlying task.

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Wizard Library 1.6

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