Uses of Interface

Uses of View in sos.reports

Classes in sos.reports that implement View
 class AbstractView
          A partial implementation of View.

Methods in sos.reports that return View
 View ViewFactory.createView(Element element)
          Creates and returns a view of the specified report element.
 View View.getNextBrokenView(int axis)
          Returns the next broken portion along the specified axis, after breakView has been called in this direction.
 View View.getPreviousBrokenView(int axis)
          Returns the previous broken portion along the specified axis.
 View View.elementToView(Element element)
          Returns the view corresponding to the specified element, or null if none is found.
 View View.getParent()
          Returns this view's parent view.
abstract  View ReportPaneUI.getRootView(JReportPane reportPane)
          Returns the top-level view rendering the report of the specified report pane.
abstract  View ReportPaneUI.elementToView(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
          Returns the view that represents the specified element.
 View DefaultReportEditorKit.DefaultViewFactory.createView(Element reportElement)
 View BasicReportPaneUI.getRootView(JReportPane reportPane)
 View BasicReportPaneUI.elementToView(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
 View AbstractView.getParent()

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type View
 void View.setParent(View parent)
          Sets this view's parent view.
 java.awt.Component ReportEditorKit.getMouseOverComponent(View view)
          Returns the component that should be installed when the mouse is over the specified view.
 java.awt.Component DefaultReportEditorKit.getMouseOverComponent(View view)
 void AbstractView.setParent(View parent)

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