Uses of Interface

Uses of Theme in sos.reports

Classes in sos.reports that implement Theme
 class DefaultTheme
          An implementation of Theme that delegates to an underlying instance of javax.swing.text.StyleContext.

Methods in sos.reports that return Theme
 Theme ReportTemplate.getDefaultTheme()
          Returns the default report theme compatible with reports generated by this template.
static Theme ReportStyleConstants.getTheme(javax.swing.text.AttributeSet a)
          Returns the theme to use for a nested report.
 Theme Report.getTheme()
          Returns the theme controlling the appearance of this report.
 Theme AbstractReportTemplate.getDefaultTheme()
 Theme AbstractReport.getTheme()

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type Theme
 Report TableReportTemplate.createReport(java.lang.Object content, Theme theme)
 Report ReportTemplate.createReport(java.lang.Object content, Theme theme)
          Creates a report with the specified content and theme.
static void ReportStyleConstants.setTheme(javax.swing.text.MutableAttributeSet a, Theme theme)
          Sets the theme to use for a nested report.

Constructors in sos.reports with parameters of type Theme
AbstractReport(Theme theme)
          Creates an instance of AbstractReport with the specified theme.

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