Uses of Interface

Uses of ReportEvent in sos.reports

Classes in sos.reports that implement ReportEvent
 class DefaultReportEvent
          An implementation of ReportEvent.

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type ReportEvent
 void View.reportChanged(ReportEvent event, java.awt.Rectangle dirtyRegion, ViewFactory viewFactory, View.ResizeRequest resizeRequest)
          Triggers a response to a report change.
 void View.forwardReportEvent(ReportEvent event)
          Called by a child view to propagate changes to nested reports up the view hierarchy.
 void TierReportSelectionModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
 void TierReportEditorModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
 void TemplateReportSelectionModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
 void TemplateReportEditorModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
 void ReportSelectionModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
          Updates itself (if necessary) as a result of a report modification.
 void ReportListener.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
          Notifies this listener that a report has changed.
 void ReportEditorModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
          Updates itself (if necessary) as a result of a report modification.
 void CompositeReportSelectionModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
 void AbstractView.forwardReportEvent(ReportEvent event)
 void AbstractReportSelectionModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
 void AbstractReportEditorModel.reportChanged(ReportEvent event)
protected  void AbstractReport.fireReportEvent(ReportEvent event)
          Notifies registered listeners of the specified event.

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