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Uses of JMarkerBar in sos.marker

Fields in sos.marker declared as JMarkerBar
protected  JMarkerBar BasicMarkerBarUI.markerBar
          The marker bar for which this BasicMarkerBarUI is responsible.

Methods in sos.marker with parameters of type JMarkerBar
 java.awt.Rectangle BasicMarkerBarUI.getMarkerBounds(JMarkerBar markerBar, int markerIndex)
abstract  java.awt.Rectangle MarkerBarUI.getMarkerBounds(JMarkerBar markerBar, int markerIndex)
          Returns the rectangle for which the marker at the specified index is rendered, in the marker bar's coordinate system.
 java.awt.Component DefaultMarkerRenderer.getMarkerRendererComponent(JMarkerBar markerBar, int markerIndex, Marker marker)
 java.awt.Component MarkerRenderer.getMarkerRendererComponent(JMarkerBar markerBar, int markerIndex, Marker marker)
          Returns the Component for a given marker on a marker bar.
 int[] BasicMarkerBarUI.locationToIndices(JMarkerBar markerBar, java.awt.Point point)
abstract  int[] MarkerBarUI.locationToIndices(JMarkerBar markerBar, java.awt.Point point)
          Returns the indexes of the markers that are rendered at the specified point.
static void Utility.scrollToMarker(javax.swing.JComponent componentToScroll, JMarkerBar markerBar, int markerIndex)
          Scrolls a component to the relative location given by the marker bar's marker.

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