Uses of Interface

Uses of ViewFactory in sos.reports

Classes in sos.reports that implement ViewFactory
protected static class DefaultReportEditorKit.DefaultViewFactory
          A default view factory that creates views of instances of TableElement and ObjectElement.

Methods in sos.reports that return ViewFactory
 ViewFactory ReportEditorKit.getViewFactory()
          Returns the factory that creates the views that render the elements.
 ViewFactory DefaultReportEditorKit.getViewFactory()

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type ViewFactory
 void View.breakView(int axis, int newLength, ViewFactory viewFactory)
          Breaks this view at the specified offset along the specified axis and returns a view of the leftover portion.
 void View.reportChanged(ReportEvent event, java.awt.Rectangle dirtyRegion, ViewFactory viewFactory, View.ResizeRequest resizeRequest)
          Triggers a response to a report change.

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