Uses of Interface

Uses of ReportEditorModel in sos.reports

Classes in sos.reports that implement ReportEditorModel
 class AbstractReportEditorModel
          A partial implementation of ReportEditorModel.
 class DefaultReportEditorModel
          A report editor model in which editors are associated with classes.
 class TemplateReportEditorModel
          A report editor model that bases the editor model on the name of the report template.
 class TierReportEditorModel
          A report editor model that uses editors that are registered with the row or column in which the element resides.

Methods in sos.reports that return ReportEditorModel
protected  ReportEditorModel JReportPane.createDefaultEditorModel()
          Creates and returns an editor model to use if the client does not specify one.
 ReportEditorModel JReportPane.getEditorModel()
          Returns the editor model that controls the editing of report elements.

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type ReportEditorModel
 void TemplateReportEditorModel.setTemplateEditorModel(java.lang.String templateName, ReportEditorModel editorModel)
          Associates the specified editor model with the specified template name.
 void JReportPane.setEditorModel(ReportEditorModel editorModel)
          Sets the editor model, which controls the editing of report elements.

Constructors in sos.reports with parameters of type ReportEditorModel
TemplateReportEditorModel(java.lang.String templateName, ReportEditorModel editorModel)
          Creates an instance of TemplateReportEditorModel.

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