Uses of Class

Uses of JReportPane in sos.reports

Fields in sos.reports declared as JReportPane
protected  JReportPane BasicReportPaneUI.reportPane
          The report pane that this look and feel is overseeing.

Methods in sos.reports that return JReportPane
 JReportPane View.getReportPane()
          Returns the report pane hosting this view.
protected  JReportPane ReportAction.getReportPane(java.awt.event.ActionEvent event)
          Returns the report pane associated with the specified event, or, if none, the last report pane with the focus.
protected  JReportPane ReportAction.getFocusedComponent()
          Returns the report pane currently with focus.
 JReportPane AbstractView.getReportPane()

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type JReportPane
abstract  View ReportPaneUI.getRootView(JReportPane reportPane)
          Returns the top-level view rendering the report of the specified report pane.
 java.lang.String ReportPaneUI.getToolTipText(JReportPane reportPane, java.awt.event.MouseEvent event)
          Returns the string to be used as the tooltip for event.
abstract  View ReportPaneUI.elementToView(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
          Returns the view that represents the specified element.
abstract  java.util.Set ReportPaneUI.pointToElements(JReportPane reportPane, java.awt.Point point)
          Returns the set of elements occupying the specified point.
 void ReportEditorKit.install(JReportPane reportPane)
          Installs this editor kit into the specified report pane.
 void ReportEditorKit.uninstall(JReportPane reportPane)
          Uninstalls this editor kit from the specified report pane.
 java.awt.Component ElementRenderer.getElementRendererComponent(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
          Initializes and returns the component that renders the specified element in the specified report pane.
 java.awt.Component ElementEditor.getMouseOverComponent(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
          Returns a component (or null, if none) that provides a hint or shortcut to editing the specified element in the specified report pane.
 java.awt.Component ElementEditor.getElementEditorComponent(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
          Returns the component that should be added to the client's component hierarchy in order to edit the specified element in the specified report pane.
 void DefaultReportEditorKit.install(JReportPane reportPane)
 void DefaultReportEditorKit.uninstall(JReportPane reportPane)
protected  void DefaultReportEditorKit.ReportEditorKitAction.provideErrorFeedback(JReportPane reportPane)
          Provides error feedback, such as a beep, appropriate for the specified component.
protected  boolean DefaultReportEditorKit.ReportEditorKitAction.selectAndScroll(JReportPane reportPane, Element element, boolean toggle, boolean extend)
          Changes the selection, if possible, and scrolls to the new selection.
 java.awt.Component DefaultElementEditor.getMouseOverComponent(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
 java.awt.Component DefaultElementEditor.getElementEditorComponent(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
 View BasicReportPaneUI.getRootView(JReportPane reportPane)
 java.lang.String BasicReportPaneUI.getToolTipText(JReportPane reportPane, java.awt.event.MouseEvent event)
 View BasicReportPaneUI.elementToView(JReportPane reportPane, Element element)
 java.util.Set BasicReportPaneUI.pointToElements(JReportPane reportPane, java.awt.Point point)

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