Uses of Interface

Uses of ElementEditor in sos.reports

Classes in sos.reports that implement ElementEditor
 class DefaultElementEditor
          An element editor that can adapt a JComboBox, JTextField, or a JCheckBox to be an editor.

Methods in sos.reports that return ElementEditor
 ElementEditor TierReportEditorModel.getEditor(Element element)
 ElementEditor TierReportEditorModel.getTierEditor(int tierIndex)
          Returns the editor associated with the specified tier, or null, if there is no editor.
 ElementEditor TemplateReportEditorModel.getEditor(Element element)
 ElementEditor ReportEditorModel.getEditor(Element element)
          Returns the editor that can edit the specified element, or null, if the element cannot be edited.
 ElementEditor JReportPane.getEditor()
          Returns the editor in charge of the current editing.
 ElementEditor DefaultReportEditorModel.getClassEditor(java.lang.Class theClass)
          Returns the editor associated with the specified class, or null, if there is no editor.
 ElementEditor DefaultReportEditorModel.getEditor(Element element)

Methods in sos.reports with parameters of type ElementEditor
 void TierReportEditorModel.setTierEditor(int tierIndex, ElementEditor editor)
          Sets the editor to use for elements residing in the specified tier.
 void DefaultReportEditorModel.setClassEditor(java.lang.Class editableClass, ElementEditor editor)
          Sets the editor for the specified class.

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